“Khosh bilazig” is one of Karno dances, a variant of “Bangle Dance”. It can be considered a labor dance which is very rare not only in Armenian dance art. This highlights the high level of Armenian culture. The rustic dances differed from region to region and defined all the peculiarities of the local rural life and culture. The group dances involved some dances devoted to fighting, working and playing ceremonies, and had some elements depicting gossip, prayers, compliments and other aspects of rural life.

“Khosh Bilazig” is specific with its steps, depicting work process and ceremonies.

The steps seem to repeat the movements of the crochet when knitting a bracelet. The feet make rotating movements which remind the work of the crochet.

This dance is well-known for its other names, such as “Hos Bilizig” “Golden Bracelet”, “Gosh Bilezig”. The dance has similar variants, but they are regarded as separate dances. “Khosh Bilazig” is a comparatively light, but at the same tame solemn dance.

The dance is notable for the position of the shoulders, which is characteristic of Armenian dances. The rhythm is fast which symbolizes the positive nature of the dance. The dance is often played with an open circle. The head of the dance stands at the right side of the circle.

The dancing steps are:

1.Jump to the right on the right toe

2.Transferring the body weight on the left foot, jump on the same foot on the spot

3.A jump to the right on both toes

4.A jump back and left on the right toe

5.A jump to the right on the right foot to its previous position, the left foot makes a rotating movement typical of crochet, and hits the floor a half-toe ahead of the right foot.

6.A jump on the right foot on the spot, the twitching left foot hits the floor a half-toe ahead of the right foot.

7.A backward jump to the left on the left foot, at the same time hitting the floor a half toe ahead of the left foot

8.Again a jump on the left foot on the spot, at the same time twitching the other foot