The majority of “Karin” songs and dances have been saved from extinction and restored in their ethnographical form due to the chareographic work carried out by the group. The dances have never been included in concert list of other groups. Prior to its creative work, the group currently continues its choreographic activity.


“Karin” Traditional Song and Dance Ensemble carries out a project called “We and Our Dances”. The idea belonged to a group of young man, members of social foundation “Our City is Our Home”, who were concerned by the fact that Armenians don’t know and can’t perform Armenian dances, which are an important part of the national culture.

It is already 7 years that the project is being carried out by the efforts of people devoted to the idea and by the support of such cooperators, as Narekatsi Art Institute, Cafesnjian Center for the Arts ad the Polytechnical University of Armenia. By this time hundreds of Armenians have learnt their national dances and perform them during weddings and on other occasions, presenting our highly valuable culture. The project has currently become a long-awaited and favourite event.


“Let’s Dance Armenian” initiative started in June, 2011 by the amateur groups of “Karin” Traditional Song and Dance Ensemble. The goal of this initiative is to promote the spreading and popularization of Armenian traditional dances. The initiative follows the example of “We and Our Dances” project and organizes open-air events and lessons both in Yerevan and Artsakh, while in winter members of the initiative visit schools, orphanages and other educational institutions.

The project is our achievement. It will exist as long as there is need and wish to learn dancing in an “Armenian” way. We hope some day we’ll gather not to teach and learn dancing, but just for dancing.


“Tsovak” Traditional Song and Dance group, which belongs to “Karin” Traditional Culture Union, was founded in 2001 in Yerevan Central Library after Avetik Isahakyan. The group was named after the well-known composer and prominent intellectual figure Tsovak Hambardzumyan through the assistance and support of whom the group was created.

Since its creation the group has participated in various festivals, has educated many children and young people by constantly popularizing our traditional culture.

The founder and artistic director of the group is Gagik Ginosyan, the Honoured Figure of Culture of the Republic of Armenia. The group leader is Tatevik Shakhkulyan and the teachers are Haroutyun Baghdassaryan and Ani Ginossyan.


The group “Daruynq” is another project, which aims at preserving and popularizing our traditional culture. The group was founded in Gavar and currently acts there. The group aims at restoring Armenian dance samples, songs and national ceremonies of New Bayazet. “Daruynq” was named after the castle bearing the same name, which served as a residence for Bagratouni ministers.
The group closely cooperates with “Karin.” Hovhan Dashtoyan and Koryun Davtyan, members of “Karin” Traditional Song and Dance Ensemble leave for Gavar to share their knowledge and practice with participants of the project.
The members of “Daruynq” not only learn traditional dances, but also have an opportunity to become familiar with cultural and spiritual values, national traditions, ceremonies and customs, which are in danger of being forgotten.

The group takes part in the open-air lessons, organized and held in Yerevan at the end of each month.

Every week there is a program called “National Feature” that is broadcast on “Geghama” regional channel. The essence of the TV program is to teach its audience traditional Armenian dances.

In 2012 the group had its first performance in Gavar, called “My Old and New Bayazet”.